Why and How I Toke This Ultimate 30-Day Workout Challenge to Lose Belly Fat as Fast as Possible

30-Day 6 Pack Abs Challenge

Below is the 30-day workout plan, so be free to adjust it according to your ability level. You can increase, or decrease the number of reps, or sets. You can also add some weights to the exercises that allow this.

But if you’re not sure about your fitness level, you can follow the challenge as is. Do 3 sets of all 5 exercises every day. The number of repetitions for each day is noted in the infographic below.

The last set will be the hardest, so be sure to focus on doing the moves correctly, not quickly. After all, this is a challenge, right?

This 6 pack abs challenge also incorporates rest days, so make sure you don’t skip them. Your muscles need them to recover.

Now let’s see the program of the 30-day 6 pack abs challenge! 🙂

Give this 6 pack abs challenge a try and see how you’re going to feel after 30 days!

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