Why and How I Stop Traditional Cardio, And Try These Alternative Workouts That Effectively Blasted My Body Fat And Build Strength

1. Bodyweight Movements

Bodyweight conditioning routines are great because they provide just enough resistance to avoid interfering with your lifting program. You can easily incorporate bodyweight workouts on off days from your lifting regimen.

When blasting through bodyweight exercises, you want to complete a circuit of movements with a high rep count for each exercise before moving to the next exercise. Aim for 20-30 reps of each exercise, and rest for 90-120 seconds after each circuit. Repeat each circuit 3-5 times. Maintain good form throughout the exercises to prevent injury.

Bodyweight Blaster Sample Workout

Circuit: 3-5 rounds

20-30 reps

V Sit-Ups
20-30 reps

Walking Lunges
20-30 reps

to failure

20-30 reps

20-30 reps

Chair Dips
20-30 reps

20-30 reps

20-30 reps, rest for 90-120 seconds

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