What and How This 40-year-old Mom Did to Lose 40-Pound in Less Than 3 Weeks, Learn The Secrets!!

I immediately began eating the foods Kyle’s notes had outlined and followed the other surprisingly simple steps laid out.

Since I followed Sam’s notes, here are the SHOCKING results I experienced that I will always consider a true miracle:

  1. My weight dropped like a rock from 216 lbs to 175 lbs in just 21 days. I no longer had to worry about my blood pressure or cholesterol levels. I’m happy to say that I have not had another heart attack!
  2. I have since lost an additional 32 lbs (73 pounds total)! This was over the course of just one year. It was far easier than I expected, I never once felt hungry and I’ve not gained back any of the weight since.
  3. I just had my 43rd birthday and, I feel as healthy and energetic as I did in my 20’s. Keeping up with children while juggling our business would have been impossible for me at my previous weight and condition!
  4. My extreme fatigue and dramatic mood swings have disappeared and my creativity and “zest for life” have come roaring back just in time for our family’s trip to Italy this summer. And Tyler and I are having great sεx (and lots of it) again. I truly couldn’t feel happier.

Since then, something else amazing has happened and it’s the main reason I’m sitting at my desk writing this letter now.

Kyle is an amazing person who is not only brilliant but also a natural teacher with a big heart. Our lives had been changed so much by Sam’s weight loss method that we encouraged Kyle to share that method with women everywhere.

Kyle has since retired from the marines, formed a weight loss program on the back of Sam’s notes and made it his mission in life to share this healthy weight loss program with women all across the world.

If you’re a woman who has struggled with weight loss, you owe it to yourself to watch Kyle’s presentation which you can find right here.

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