What and How This 40-year-old Mom Did to Lose 40-Pound in Less Than 3 Weeks, Learn The Secrets!!

I was no longer skinny. I had gained 60 pounds while pregnant with Aiden. And no matter what I did after giving birth, I had not been able to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

As time went on, the busier I got. We had a second child and between juggling two children and a full time job, there was no time eat properly or even exercise. And the heavier I got.

It wasn’t long until I started wearing clothes that ranged from size 12 to 16.

I no longer felt confident or sexy. I had very little energy to do anything besides look after the kids and my job.

I even began to avoid having sεx with Tyler, fearing that he would be turned off by the unsightly jiggles all over my body.

At times of desperation, I turned to countless fad diets — where I:

    • Ate food that tasted like cardboard
    • Choked down diet pills that made my heart race
    • Suffered through gut wrenching workouts
    • Even starved myself, desperate to lose the weight

Each and every time I would stop dieting for only a few days only to have the weight pile back on with a vengeance.

I had no idea what was going on with my body. I finally gave in and convinced myself that I was just getting older and this was the body that came with age.

…until a visit to the emergency room early one morning turned my life upside down.

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