Shocking X-Rays Reveal the Huge Difference Covid Vaccines Really Make

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SHOCKING X-rays reveal the huge difference vaccines really make.

The scans show the impact of the virus on the lungs of Covid patients who have, or have not, been vaccinated.


  • Pic 1: Vaccinated patients have a larger part of the lungs colored in black, meaning there’s little to no damage, Dr. Durrani said
  • Pic 2: The lungs of a Covid patient who did not get a vaccine

“The only people that are really getting sick are people that are unvaccinated,” said Dr. Sam Durrani, the chief of staff at Deer Valley Medical Center.

“[They] oftentimes require ventilation and oxygen, especially on some of these really profound X-rays that we are seeing.”

The scans of vaccinated patients with Covid show more air flowing, with the larger part of the lungs colored in black, meaning there’s little to no damage, Dr. Durrani said.

In contrast, the image of a scan from an unvaccinated person shows that the lungs are congested, which limits the oxygen flow throughout the body.

Dr. Durrani said: “If you have a vaccinated patient that comes to the ER with a breakthrough infection, that maybe have some shortness of breath and we do a CT scan, they’re not nearly as bad as the unvaccinated patients.

“Even the breakthrough infections that end up getting pneumonia, their CT scans still were not as bad as the ones of unvaccinated patients.”

Vaccines can prevent severe disease and death in the majority of people but unfortunately will not work for some.

It means people double-jabbed will still end up in hospital with Covid-infested lungs – but at a drastically lower level compared to those without any vaccine protection.

Data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that the risk of dying from Covid is 11 times higher for unvaccinated adults than those who have been inoculated.

The agency has also reported that less than one percent of breakthrough cases – people who get the bug despite being jabbed – have led to hospitalization or death.

In England, one percent of all Covid deaths are in those who have been fully vaccinated.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics said there were 640 deaths that occurred in the first seven months of 20201 in people who had both doses.

More than half were infected before they had received both jabs or had tested positive for Covid within 14 days of their second dose.

By seeing the images and the damage the virus can have in the lungs, Dr. Durrani justifies the reason for people to get their dose.

“The vaccine is working extremely well and is keeping the virus from progressing to pneumonia or infiltrating the lungs,” Dr Durrani said.

“When you get a dose you can get a little sick, but eventually your body recognizes it, it attacks it and you don’t get hospitalized, you don’t get put on a ventilator, it’s very profoundly effective.”

It comes as figures have shown that four in ten people admitted to hospital with Covid are not fully vaccinated, and patients are increasingly younger.

Admissions are three times as high in people in their 70s who are unjabbed compared with fully vaccinated, according to stats from the UK Health Security Agency, which has taken over from Public Health England.

The rate is four times higher in those in their 30s and 40s and five times higher for those in their 50s.

Recently the NHS warned that almost a fifth of the most critically ill Covid patients in England were unvaccinated pregnant women.

Some 17 percent of Covid patients receiving treatment through a special lung-bypass machine were mothers-to-be without a jab, up from six percent in March 2020.

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