Classic Car: This Rare Bristol 411 Series 2 Is A Beautiful British Ex-Pat Enjoying A Second Life In Southern California

Asher, the ex-pat owner of this example, lives with the car in Los Angeles and was introduced to Bristols in general while he was a teenager growing up in the UK. It started when his dad brought home a 411 Series 2 and put the car through a full restoration. Better yet, that car had been personally recommended to him by L.J.K. Setright, a demigod of British automotive journalism. Setright was a passionate Bristol owner and club member, who once noted a small but important problem with the 411’s brilliantly-placed top dash ashtray: the size. His ambition was to keep a pack of cigarettes and a pack of twisted culebras in there at the same time, go figure.

Asher’s memories of his father’s Bristol remain vivid ones, especially the sound of the big V8 bouncing off stone walls on British B roads. For sentimental reasons, Asher wanted to find that exact car again. Unfortunately, he did not manage to locate it, but owning a 411 Series 2 was still a mission in its own right. After another round of searching, he found this car for sale, headed back to the UK to view it, bought it, and 20 days after taking it to the docks in the UK, it arrived in California. The DMV checks took just a few days, then it was driven straight to the Queen’s English Car show, where I immediately spotted its unique form and struck up a conversation.

Asher and I took the opportunity to do a proper shoot after that, and just a week afterwards the car was back in bare metal, embarking on a restoration. It will still be driven and thoroughly enjoyed though, a perfect weekend car for Asher and his family to enjoy just as he and his father had so many years ago.

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