This Alphabet Workout Will Help You Beat Workout Boredom

7. High Knee Running In Place

Alphabet Workout - Running In Place With High Knees

This exercise might seem simple, but it’s not so easy to do (especially if you’re overweight).

You need to run in place and raise your knees as high as you can without bending your back. You need to maintain a straight posture during the entire exercise.

8 Side Plank

Alphabet Workout - Side Plank

When performing a side plank your body needs to be aligned from head to toe. Your abs should be engaged, hips and knees off the floor and neck and shoulders relaxed. Keep the supporting elbow directly beneath the shoulder. Hold the position for as much as needed.

As you can see, you don’t need anything special to get some exercise into your daily routine. So go ahead and make use of this workout plan.

The Alphabet Workout is simple and straightforward, so anyone can do it. Even when you swear, you can do a workout as a “punishment”. Just do the exercise assigned to each letter you spell.

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