This Alphabet Workout Will Help You Beat Workout Boredom

1. Spell Your Name Workout

Just spell your name and do the exercise assigned to each letter. And if your name is Joe, or Tim, or Kate, and the exercises are too easy, feel free to add your middle name too (and your last name if necessary).

For example, of your name would be JANE DOE, your alphabet workout is:

J – 10 Push Ups;

A – 30 Jumping Jacks;

N – 10 Lunges with each leg;

E – Plank for 20 seconds;

D – 25 Squats;

O – Run in place with high knees for 40 seconds;

E – Plank for 20 seconds.

If this is too easy, do 2 or 3 more sets.

2. Spell Today’s Name Workout

This Alphabet Workout is great if you want to do a different workout each day. Spell today’s name and that’s your workout.

For example if today is MONDAY, do the exercises assigned to each letter. This way, every day of the week will come with a totally different workout.

3. Spell Your Birthday Workout

Again, just as you did for the previous two workouts, here you’d have to spell your birthday, like NOVEMBER FOURTEEN. And for each letter, do the exercise assigned.

As you can see, this is the easiest way to mix up your workout whenever you feel you need to. And to spice up the things a little try to do the exercises without rest in between.

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