This 28-day planking challenge can help tone up and tighten your tummy

Have you ever heard of a plank? We bet you have! It is one of the most effective exercises that makes all of the core muscles work. What is more a plank helps to make your shoulders fit and strong. There is a plank challenge that we dare you to take. Are you ready?

The challenge itself lasts 28 days. Even though it might seem quite a long time you will have a break every 5 days. During your workout days you need to increase the amount of time spent in the plank. So, let’s nail it!

Day 1-3: 20 seconds

Day 4: 30 seconds

Day 5: 40 seconds

Day 7-8: 45 seconds

Day 9-11: 60 seconds

Day 12: 90 seconds

Day 14-16: 90 seconds

Day 16-18: 150 seconds

Day 20-23: 150 seconds

Day 23-24: 180 seconds

Day 26-27: 240 seconds

Day 28: Until you fall down

For better challenge, you can verify the plank. Choose some of these exercises and include them in your challenge. But, if you prefer a classic plank, keep doing it without any addition! You’ll get the result anyway!

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