The Do’s and Don’ts of Mass Gain Supplements, According to Science


Just to make a quick recap, one of the key reasons why whey protein is considered the best type of protein out there for muscle-building is because of how fast our body breaks it down and absorbs it. Because of its quick breakdown rates, the human body is able to use the protein from whey protein to fuel muscles quickly.

The importance of absorption rates has led manufacturers to start experimenting and doing research on using digestive enzyme blends to help increase the bio-availability of their product, which is basically the portion of their product that enters the bloodstream and absorbed by the human body.

The results? According to the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, 60 grams of pea and rice protein with digestive enzymes were able to match the muscle protein synthesis capabilities of whey protein.  That is a significant jump, all things considered. This also explains why more and more manufacturers are starting to recognize the importance of using digestive enzymes to make their smart gainers more effective.

Think of digestive enzymes as the train, and key fuel sources such as amino acids and glucose as the cargo. Normally, these fuel sources travel at a pretty fast rate throughout your body and are absorbed rather quickly. But, with the use of digestive enzymes, muscle protein synthesis rates are improved. As a result, the “train” travels much faster and is able to deliver the cargo in much less time.

The increased absorption and digestion rates have plenty of benefits as well.  For example, if you’re planning on building muscles and bulking up, taking smart gainers with added digestive enzymes can help your body handle your daily calorie intake better and more efficiently.

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