The Best Plant to Buy For Every Room In Your Home, According to Feng Shui

Ferns in the Bathroom

Low light and high humidity make most bathrooms welcoming environments for tropical plants. In nature, ferns grow in filtered light under the canopies of tropical forests—light conditions not unlike those in your own bathroom. Put a fern in a neglected corner of your bath for some lush, low-maintenance decor.

Herbs in the Kitchen

There’s no better houseplant for the kitchen than one that will help you cook! You have lots to choose from, as there are plenty of herbs that can be enjoyed indoors year-round. If you have a sunny window, rosemary is an excellent choice. Keep it shaped by pruning a little here and there every time you need a sprig or two.

Aloe in the Sunroom

If you have a sunroom, you already know it’s the perfect spot for many houseplants. But don’t miss this opportunity to grow an aloe vera if you’ve got a room with abundant light. Aloe grows well on a sunny windowsill, where it will not only purify your home’s air, but also enrich your first aid arsenal—the juice of its leaves can help heal a nasty sunburn.

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