The Best Christmas Or Holiday Gifts Are Experiences, Not Things. Here Are 21 Creative Ideas

Most of us have way too much stuff.

One survey found that 1 in 7 Americans has a room in their home that they can’t use because it’s filled with things they rarely use. Another found that the average American is currently hoarding 23 items they have no use for. And the more crap we accumulate, the more miserable we become.

This holiday season, we once again have an opportunity to dive head-first into consumerism or focus on making memories instead. If the memories sound good to you, consider giving experiences as gifts this year. Here are 21 creative ideas.

For The Health Nut

16. Studio class

One of my favorite group exercise studios is Flywheel. But at $28 a pop, it’s just too darn expensive to go to classes on a regular basis. Whether it’s indoor cycling, hot yoga, Pilates or TRX, fitness fanatics will appreciate the gift of a pass to a luxury workout session. You can also buy a membership to Class Pass, which allows members to try out various classes at local studios.

17. Entry to a race

Running is one of the best ways to stay fit, and road races have become increasingly popular in recent years. Last year, 17 million Americans completed a running event. But the sport of running isn’t exclusive to serious athletes. Entry to a fun 5K, such as the Color Run, Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge or, my personal favorite, the Zombie Mud Run, is a great gift for runners of all fitness levels.

18. Massage

Rest and recovery are just as important as hitting the gym. Give your loved one relief from sore muscles with a Swedish, deep tissue or sports massage from a specialist. You can also give them a Spa Finder gift card, which is accepted at thousands of locations across the U.S.

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