The 7 Small Space Mistakes You Don’t Realize You’re Making — & How To Avoid Them

Not Utilizing All Spaces

If you live in New York City, land of inexplicably closet-less apartments, there’s a good chance you have nowhere to hang your coat, much less keep your extra sheets and towels. But in other places, you might have one too many closets — or some other weird design feature you have no clue what to do with. But allowing these areas to go underused seems silly when space is at a premium.

How To Avoid It:

“Challenge your design imagination by transforming a mundane must-have to a beautiful architectural element! A drab linen closet doesn’t have to be drywall and an interior door; instead design for a built-in armoire look with cabinet doors, pretty hardware, even mesh for pattern and texture. All the function of linen storage plus the look of built-in beauty!” shares Marker.

Rug Reduction

“People often believe that small rooms need small rugs. But the size of the rug visually defines the size of the area. So a large living room rug will give the illusion of spaciousness. Buying several small carpets will look like a collection of bath mats in the room,” shares Betsy Helmuth of Affordable Interior Design, which has locations around the country as well as in London.

How To Avoid It:

Are you sensing a theme here? The one thing all decorators seem to agree upon is that just because a space is small doesn’t mean it can only be filled with small things — in fact, it shouldn’t be. And it’s true, if we learned anything from The Big Lebowski, it’s that there’s nothing like a rug to, ahem, really tie the room together.

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