The 21 Jobs That 30% Are Most Likely To Lead To Divorce

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9. Library assistants, clerical

Divorce rate: 15%

Working in a library sounds peaceful, but library assistants and clerical workers are some of the least paid professionals on the list, averaging $30,659 per year. Financial tension is one of the contributing factors to a higher divorce rate, according to the report.

8. Nonfarm animal caretakers

Divorce rate: 15%

The report pointed at compassion fatigue, or emotional exhaustion caused by caring for traumatized animals or people, as a driver of higher divorce rates because it could lead to anger and depression.

7. Military

Divorce rate: 15%

No matter the rank or role, being in the military can be hard on families. These jobs come with deployment or even multiple relocations, which can change the dynamic of a family.

6. Combined food preparation and serving workers

Divorce rate: 15%

Working with unruly patrons and getting stiffed on tips isn’t going to make a server happy, nor will the low wages create less of a financial strain on a marriage.

5. Chemical technicians

Divorce rate: 15%

Lab work can mean working odd or even extra hours for experiments.

4. Military enlisted tactical operations and air weapons

Divorce rate: 17%

Enlisted women tend to have a higher divorce rate than enlisted men when compared to civilians, according to the research.

3. Automotive service technicians and mechanics

Divorce rate: 17%

Here’s another industry where injury and illness are frequent, the hours are long and the pay — median annual wage of about $39,550 — can make life tough.

2. Logisticians

Divorce rate: 18%

Logisticians analyze and coordinate an organization’s supply chain. Despite being one of the higher earners on the list, supply-chain professionals have a divorce rate around 18%.

1. First-line enlisted military supervisors

Divorce rate: 30%

Combat duty can put a huge strain on first-line enlisted military supervisors, who manage and lead enlisted service members. The report noted that job stress and longer deployments are some of the reasons why this job has the highest divorce rate.

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