The 21 Jobs That 30% Are Most Likely To Lead To Divorce

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  • Some careers see a higher percentage of divorce than others.
  • Long hours and bad pay can contribute to divorce.
  • First-line military survivors have a divorce rate of 30%, the highest of any career.

Sometimes, work leads to divorce.

While nearly half of all marriages end in divorce, workers in a slew of industries are seeing higher divorce rates by age 30. There are many factors, like long work hours, time away from home, high stress, and low pay.

new report from GoBankingRates used an analysis from the U.S. Census and career site Zippia to show which jobs lead to the most difficulties in marriage.

Here are the 21 careers that have the highest percentage of divorce.

21. Nurse anesthetists

Divorce rate: 12%

Despite having an average salary well north of $100,000, nurse anesthetists have a high-stress job where lives literally rest in their hands.

20. Laborers

Divorce rate: 13%

People who manually move materials, freight, or stock work in a field routinely ranked as one of the deadliest jobs in America. It’s not uncommon for these workers to work more than eight hours and or overnight, and with one of the lowest salaries on the list, it can hurt a marriage.

19. Medical and health services managers

Divorce rate: 13%

With around-the-clock work and required travel in some cases, medical and health services managers are often stressed out, even if the job pays well. Medical and health services managers earned an average salary of $115,160 in 2019.

18. Computer, automated teller and office machine repairers

Divorce rate: 13%

The report said these workers are more likely to experience divorce because they work extremely long hours, with many putting in over 50 hours per week repairing anything, from ATMs and fax machines.

17. Electricians

Divorce rate: 13%

The unknown number of issues electricians might face in any given day means sacrificing time with the family.

16. Tax examiners, collectors and revenue agents

Divorce rate: 13%

Tax season is really stressful — not just for you, but for professionals who do it for a living.

15. Probation officers and correctional treatment

Divorce rate: 13%

Working with dramatic cases could spill into your personal life, bringing tension from work into the home.

14. Administrative services managers

Divorce rate: 13%

Tough daytime duties and after-hours calls dealing with employees makes work nonstop.

13. Carpenters

Divorce rate: 13%

Another career with a higher risk of injury, carpenters, like electricians, work evenings, weekends, and overtime.

12. Medical assistants

Divorce rate: 14%

Whether it’s at a hospital or in an office practice, medical assistants can work a ton of wacky schedules. The pay ranks among the lowest in medicine, with a median pay of only $32,480 annually.

11. Diagnostic-related technologists and technicians

Divorce rate: 14%

This demanding, full-time job is one of healthcare’s more stressful jobs because it often requires full-time hours with additional emotional turmoil. Diagnostic technologists or technicians are also shift workers, who have to work during evenings, on weekends, or on holidays, which can make carving out time at home for milestone memories difficult.

10. Engineering technicians, expert drafters

Divorce rate: 14%

With a divorce rate of 14%, engineering technicans and expert drafteers have to travel often for work, which can lead to limited family time and create a disconnect between spouses.

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