Study Finds 11 Most Productive Things You Can Do at 3 am

6. It’s never too late to become a chef!


Turn to YouTube or other cooking websites and look for recipes for your favorite food or something that you want to challenge yourself with. Select your recipes in advance, buy the ingredients before you go home from work or school, and keep them ready for you are going to transform into a chef at 3 am!

7. Study (because you are a responsible individual, right?)


Of course, studying is still your top priority, especially when you are a student!

8. Window shop online!

window shopping

No shopping allowed (unless you actually need something). Just window shopping, okay? Do this only if you have self-control so as to not shop pointlessly at night (as discussed in the previous article). Look at the new styles for inspiration, check out deals that you can save for, and so on.

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