Study Finds 11 Most Productive Things You Can Do at 3 am

2. Plan your week – plan your life

plan day

Scheduling your entire week is one of the secrets to long-term success. We all know that no plan can be followed to 100%, but you will notice that when you write your tasks and activities down, you get better at completing them. You start accomplishing maybe 30% of your plans at first, 70% after a few weeks, and finally close to or completely 100% with continuous efforts. Discipline is the key!

3. Do your laundry and clean the dishes


You can definitely earn extra time for other meaningful activities during the day when you do your laundry or wash the dishes (or both) at night!

4. Hone your talents!


If you’re a guitarist, compose a song. If a dancer, choreograph a dance routine. If a painter, paint! Or do something creative like making your own unique piece of jewelry. Trust us on this, 3 am can be the time that you are most creative. Who knows you can come up with something great; you’ll surely thank yourself for staying up late!

5. Great time to start a journal!


Start documenting your life in a journal. Fill it every night. Late-night thoughts, especially at 3 am, can be deep and meaningful. This habit will not just give you a sense of satisfaction for expressing yourself in words but also help you plan your life better since you get to reflect on what is good for you and what is not as you write.

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