Star Trek Predictive Programming; Rand Corp. Previews The Future

Are Hollywood’s Elite The Culprits?

Even though Hollywood has long aligned with socialist and egalitarian principles, not all government-influenced storytellers have had noble intentions. During the 1960s, the groundwork for the deep state, in-country chemical warfare, black budgets and mass control of human populations began to take hold. By the time Nixon took office, the tides had turned, and the office of the President of the United States would never be the same. While not necessarily a puppet, the President does not have power over every area of our government.

If the predictive programming theory is applied to today’s biggest stories around wars, food, drugs, vaccines, massacres, and tragedies, then the media has been numbing our brains for years. With cancerous sodium lauryl sulfate in our soaps, dangerous fluoride in our water, and hazardous chemicals in our vaccines, it appears we’re eager to blindly accept almost anything as “okay,” even if it threatens our health and society.

Whether the theory is correct or not, the U.S. population is now far too comfortable and compliant to pursue a real-world revolution. If it wasn’t predictive programming in movies that prevented our revolution, eventual obsolescence might have previously been built into our DNA. That’s a story for another day.

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