Star Trek Predictive Programming; Rand Corp. Previews The Future

Here Are A Few Predictive Programming Examples:

  • In 1898, Morgan Robertson wrote his novel “Futility” about a sinking ship called the Titan. Fourteen years later, the Titanic sank.
  • In Star Trek, the “good guys” use “phasers” that are set to stun. Today’s police forces use “tasers” which produce the same outcome.
  • David Icke promotes the idea that the shootings at Sandy Hook were predicted in the film “Dark Knight Rises.“
  • In The Matrix, Neo’s passport just so happens to expire on 9/11/2001
  • The 1998 movie “The Siege” shows New York City being attacked by terrorists and subsequently falling into a state of Martial Law. Is this a foreshadowing of the Patriot Act?
  • The animated series “Futurama” has long prepared us for microchip implants.
  • Alex Jones promoted the idea that the Mexican oil rig explosion in 2010 was clearly shown to the public in the film “Knowing.”
  • Was the movie “Robocop” meant to prepare us for what has become a blind acceptance of police militarization?
  • “Minority Report” in 2002 brought us facial recognition, militarized police, retina scanning, predictive analytics, driverless cars, and spooky, personalized advertising.

Given all these examples, what might predictive programming conspiracists believe to be the next level of the game? Where might the programmers be trying to lead us? While many cases of predictive programming appear to be remarkable coincidences, there is no doubt that lobbyists with cash can influence just about anything in this world, including television and movie scripts.

“There is no America. Everything is just one vast corporation, an association of corporations. There’s no Britain. There’s no America. There’s no Holland. There’s no China. There’s no Russia. It’s one conglomerate of corporations. Money runs the thing.”

— Peter Finch as character Howard Beale, in the movie “Network”

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