Star Trek Predictive Programming; Rand Corp. Previews The Future

Are there hidden agendas behind all of the content we consume, including our favorite TV series and movies? Are there secret teams of power-players manipulating our behavior through the dialogues between our favorite on-screen characters? Was this predictive programming ingrained in Star Trek and its presentation of futuristic technology?

Long before the 1960s, when the groundbreaking television series Star Trek was produced, the US government and a handful of US corporations were exploring how they might educate (“condition”) the American public into more peaceful compliance. They knew that as populations grew and as science advanced, a myriad of potential problems could develop. The world’s scientific community needed direction – and leadership. But how would they do it?

“High drama with emotion, plus crisis situations in movies, is a tremendous method of getting points across. It’s almost like coupling an idea with the drama and it’s downloaded like a virus into your subconscious. You’re being programmed and it’s called “predictive programming.” — Alan Watts

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