Not Seeing the Chest Gains You’re After? Try These 5 Brutal Chest Workout Finishers

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You’re spent after a brutal chest workout, but you still want to take it to the next level. You’ve got it in you to squeeze out those last few untouched muscle fibers – you know the ones – those that will take your chest development to new heights and finally unlock your real potential.

If you’ve crossed all of your T’s and dotted all of your I’s then it’s time to put a big, bad exclamation point on the end of an already awesome workout. These 5 chest finishers will do just that; crush your chest so it will have only one thing to do: to grow back bigger and better. Demand more, here’s how.

1. 3-Way push-up

One of the simplest, but most effective ways to finish off your chest for good is to do something we were meant to do with little-to-no equipment – the push-up. But here’s the catch: you will do a triset (3 sets back-to-back) at different angles. The difficulty will regress as the continued stress will progress.

Here’s how: Assume the elevated push-up position (feet on a bench). Perform as many reps as you can with textbook form. Once you are too fatigued for another full rep, put your feet on the ground and perform additional reps until muscular failure. Once you are completely spent from that position, place your hands on a bench and grind out your last set. That is one set. Shoot for at least 3 trisets always perfecting your form. It will be easy to get loose during these trisets but fight the urge and press on!

2. Machine gun press 100

Barbells, dumbbells and bodyweight moves should comprise most of your chest training but nearing the end of an intense workout your supportive muscles will suffer. Balance and coordination will be compromised and your ability to perform certain moves safely will suffer. Machines work well when it comes to finishing off a body part, namely chest. Helping with balance and focus, machine presses can be done to give your chest that one last blast of fatigue.

Here’s how: Using a Hammer Strength machine, or any other type of machine press station set the weight at a very light and manageable number. Start by shooting for at least 40 reps (ideally 50). Once you have reached total fatigue it will be your partners turn. Keep switching off with no rest between sets until you both have reached 100 total reps. No matter how many reps you manage to get each set keep this back-and-forth “machine gun” style going. One set will consider you done!

3. Cable cross complex

Cable crossovers have always been thought of as a small finishing exercise done at the end of a workout to round out the pecs. Normally set at a high level, they are done in normal, straight set fashion. Let’s change that. Let’s do something that will pulverize your pecs into new growth and really find out what you are made of.

Here’s how: Set the cable pulleys at the lowest position and perform low cable crossovers arching the handles up to face level. Once fatigued, raise the pulleys to chest level and continue your set. Again, once you can’t perform another full rep raise the pulleys one last time to the top position and finish your crossovers set. Once finished there immediately drop to the floor and do as many reps of push-ups as possible. That is one set. Shoot for 3.

4. 3-Angled attack

Sometimes a crowded gym is your worst enemy. Little availability of the equipment you need and not much room to move. Luckily this finisher only requires a bench, a barbell and a pair of dumbbells all in one spot. Here you will utilize a multi-angle attack to fry every area of your pecs from the top to the bottom into submission without moving an inch.

Here’s how: Start with a reverse grip bench press (dumbbells may also be used if you don’t have access to a bench press station). Performing reps with a reverse grip will target the upper pecs. Next, either pick up a pair of dumbbells or use the same barbell and perform traditional flat bench presses with an overhand grip. Lastly, place your feet on the bench and put your body in a bridge position with your upper back still on the bench. Your body should be angled in a straight line. Perform “decline” chest flys with dumbbells to finish off. Do 3 total trisets.

5. Push-up strip

Ah yes, back to the push-up. So simple yet so effective. The push-up represents real world strength. Practical, efficient and no equipment required they truly are a true measure of full body control and ability. However, this time you will need a partner to help load weight for the ultimate strip set. Here you will take one of the greatest moves of all time and make it harder.

Here’s how: Assume the traditional push-up position. Have your partner place several weight plates on your upper back. The more number of plates the better for the sake of stripping off the weight. Your partner may need to steady the plates while you perform your reps so have him/her close by. Perform your reps slowly and under complete control. Once you reach fatigue have your partner remove a plate each time and keep going. Do this sequence until you are left with just your bodyweight and repping out until total muscular failure. Do 3 total sets.

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