Make Your Day With These 19 Genius Problem-Solving Hacks

16. If you’re desperate for wine but lost track of your bottle opener, stick the bottle in a shoe and bang it against the wall.

Let’s set the scene: you’re on vacation and you’ve finally arrived at the AirBnB. You’re ready to open a bottle of wine to celebrate when you realize there’s no bottle opener! You’re in the middle of nowhere so going out to buy one is a non-starter. If you’ve got a pair of shoes with a wooden sole, you’re in luck! Just pop the bottle in the shoe and bang the heel on the wall — the cork will pop right out! This isn’t the easiest hack — it requires a bit of upper arm strength — but desperate times call for desperate measures. Learn more here.

17. Wrap pipe cleaners around plastic hangers so your tank tops aren’t sliding off every five minutes.

No need to replace your hangers with those fancy velvet ones — just wrap a pipe cleaner on each side of the hanger. You can slide the pipe cleaner up or down depending on where the item hangs. Learn more here.

18. Stick silicone cupcake molds in your cars’ cupholders so cleaning them out isn’t such a pain.

If anything sticky gets in those cupholders, you know there’s no going back. If anything gross gets in cupcake molds, you can just throw them in the dishwasher! So. Much. Easier. Learn more here.

19. Hold onto a used dryer sheet to get those deodorant stains out without soaking your shirt.

Nothing that deflates you confidence like finding a deodorant stain on your awesome outfit. It’s all good: just rub the dryer sheet in a circular motion to absorb the deodorant and you’ll be back to looking fresh as heck. Learn more here.

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