Make Your Day With These 19 Genius Problem-Solving Hacks

10. Rub your fingers on a spoon under running water to get rid of food smells.

If you’ve ever cooked fish or chopped up onion and garlic, you know that the scent tends to linger. Just rub your fingers on a spoon — or anything made of stainless steel — and the smell should be totally gone! Witchcraft, you say? Not exactly: sulfur (the stuff that makes those foods smelly) is attracted to, and binds with, stainless steel. You’ll be smelling fresh ‘n’ clean in no time. Learn more here.

11. Squeeze some dish soap and pour some hot water into the toilet if you don’t have a plunger.

Or if the, ahem, blockage is so stuck the plunger isn’t helping. Both the dish soap and the hot water will help break things up so you can more easily flush. Learn more here.

12. Cut tissue paper in the shape of your frames to plan your gallery wall so you don’t end up with a bunch of extra holes.

Picking out the pictures and frames is hard enough. The pressure of actually hanging them all is simply tew much. Not to worry! All you need to do is cut tissue paper in the shapes of the frames and tape them to the wall. Rearrange the design until you’re totally happy with it… And make sure everything is level and evenly spaced! Then hang your nails and rip the papers away. You’ll have gorgeous decor in no time. Learn more here.

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