Make Your Day With These 19 Genius Problem-Solving Hacks

4. Roll an opened chip bag and flip over the corners so you don’t need to buy extra chip clips.

Chip clips are trash. Half the time they don’t even work. Just flatten the bag to push all the air out and fold in the corners in to make triangles. Tightly roll the bag and then pull the triangles inside out over the roll. No more stale chips! Learn more here.

5. Or microwave stale chips to make them crispy again.

Microwave for about 30 seconds to re-dehydrate them. Delicious. Learn more here.

6. Cover your laptop with an Ikea storage box so your screen can be in the shade but you can still get a tan.

It’s a beautiful day outside! The sky is blue, there’s a gentle breeze, the sun is out ah crap, the sun is out. Which means you can’t see the screen when you’re working on your computer. Woof. If this is an on-going problem, just stick your laptop inside of an Ikea storage box. No more screen glare! Learn more here.

Get the storage box from Ikea for $4.99.

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