9 Best Golf Clubs for Tall Men 2021, Recommended by Experts

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Golf clubs for tall men: The popularity of golf clubs for tall people is increasing because tall golfers complain about back pain and playing poorly. The most common reason is that standard golf clubs can feel awkward when used by someone taller than them. Golf clubs that are not made for your height could be considered a waste. Golfers have many options today. Here are the top golf clubs for tall guys to help you make your decision.

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Best Golf Clubs For Tall Men Review

Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set


Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set of Hand Steel Clubs includes a 12-piece set. Each piece is designed to enhance your performance.

Woods features the lightweight 460cc forged driver, well-known for its large sweet spot, which can reduce mishits. The head of this club is made from titanium, making it one of the most flexible clubs on the course. The hybrid is used as a backup for long irons. This will give you the confidence you need to face different situations.

The irons (6-9 irons, PW) offer the best of both worlds in terms of control and forgiveness. The mallet putter allows for incredible accuracy when the ball gets close to the hole.

The 12 piece set can be easily adapted to the tall profile of tall users. These are beginner clubs. These are not the clubs’ pros would choose to invest in. For expensive clubs sets, wear and tear can happen quickly.


  • There are many clubs to suit every situation.
  • This product is for tall people
  • Forgiving clubs
  • Woods have a huge sweet spot


  • Dents are easy

Wilson Sporting Goods Golf Men’s Set Complete


Wilson Sporting Goods Golf Men’s Set for Men 6’0″ or Above is another set of golf clubs. The set includes 10 clubs. The set includes a driver, 5 wood, 5 hybrid and 6-SW as well as a putter. These clubs offer the most bang for your buck. This club combines lightweight components with easy-to-hit technology to give users the distance they need to hit the ball.

The graphite shaft makes every swing more efficient. It also has a large sweet spot, which prevents mishits and gives you a better distance. The profile platinum technology makes it ideal for taller people. It lowers the mass’ position and brings it back to the front. This allows you to take straighter long-distance photos.

After testing the course several times, we found the clubs to be easy enough for beginners. There are some areas that need to be improved. The bag is not as high quality as other golf clubs on the market. It feels cheap. This is an excellent choice if you’re only concerned with the clubs. This is a strong contender in long golf club sets.


  • Forgiveness
  • This is a tool that makes long-distance shots easier
  • Lightweight and easy to hit
  • There are many clubs to choose from


  • The bag was made from cheap materials.

Aspire X1 Men’s Complete Golf Set


Many golfers overlook the Aspire X1 men’s complete golf set. This set isn’t as popular as it ought to be. We’ll talk about that later. It includes a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, 6-PW irons, and a putter. It is an excellent choice for casual golfers as well as beginners.

The 460cc titanium driver has a good sweet spot, which allows you to reduce mishits and increase your distance while you swing for the ball. The driver also features a 100% graphite shaft, which gives it a wonderful feel. Irons, on the other side, have genuine temper steel shafts. These irons offer the best flexibility when it comes time to hit the ball. It is a popular choice for seniors.

Because it is designed for men 6’1″, the Aspire X1 Men’s Complete Golf Set doesn’t have as many fans as other sets. This set is ideal for tall golfers. This complete set of tall golf clubs is more comfortable than different sets, especially for tall players.

Aspire X1 Men’s Complete Golf Set has become a favorite among those with tight budgets who love to play golf. You don’t have to worry about what you can afford.

If you’re a professional athlete, it might be a good idea to consider other options. It is beautiful and flexible for older golfers. However, it does not give you the long shots you desire. This is a good deal considering the price.


  • Excellent price
  • Ideal for seniors golfers
  • This product is for tall people
  • Forgiving design


  • Not for serious golfers

Precise M3 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set


Many tall intermediate golfers love the Precise M3 Men’s Complete Golf Club Set. This club can help improve their game and reduce bad swings. This set includes several great clubs that can be useful in different situations. Some of the clubs are not suitable for tall men. The majority of the clubs were designed for tall golfers.

These won’t provide you with a complete set. You get everything you need to begin playing.

This club has maximum forgiveness, allowing novice golfers to still achieve the desired results, especially in the beginning stages. It keeps your shots straighter than other clubs on the market. Woods are aerodynamically designed to make it easier to swing.

They are also available in tall sizes, making them a favorite among tall golfers. It is an excellent choice for tall men, as it is not awkward to use.

It is sturdy and well made. It is a good set, but it’s not a pro-level set. You get a lot for your money, as it is made in the USA. They are not fancy, but they can get the job done. This is a great pick for anyone who wants to start golf.


  • This product is for tall people.
  • Made in the USA
  • Extremely forgiving
  • Aerodynamic design


  • Not pro-level quality

Precise M5 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set

Precise Men’s Complete Golf Clubs M5 Men’s is one the most popular right-handed clubs for men. It’s designed specifically for tall people. Although it is definite, it appeals to a particular demographic. This golf club set is for you if you are between 6’1 and 6’4. A 6’6″ male can enjoy this set.

It includes a 460cc driver and #3 wood. The package consists of a stand bag and 3 headcovers.

These clubs have many great features, including their ability to putter with great accuracy and forgiveness. This +1 club makes it easier for taller people to learn golf. It is still a beginner’s set. The Precise Men’s Complete golf club M5 will not impress more experienced players. The driver feels more expensive than other golf clubs we have tested. Although the putter is a little too heavy for us, it does the job. These aren’t the pro-level clubs. You don’t get a Sand wedge. This could be the most important thing for many users.


  • Even for people 6’4″ or more
  • Forgiving clubs
  • Some clubs are costly.
  • Great quality build


  • There is no sand wedge
  • The putter is a little heavy

Cleveland Golf Junior Set

Many people are looking for beginner-friendly clubs. The Cleveland Golf Junior Set is an excellent choice for children who want to learn to golf. This set is a great learning tool for children who wish to learn golf. This set is for tall people and teens, and children 7 to 8 years old.

Although it is a little small, the Cleveland Golf Junior Set is a great design. This set comes in three sizes. The bag also comes with a lightweight carry bag that holds everything you need.

It includes a fairway (22-degree club), 7-iron, and a putter. It’s not exactly the complete set adults desire. It does the job. Can adults use it? If they are small, the ladies will likely use this. It’s not a possibility for men over 6 feet.


  • A great learning tool for young players
  • There are 3 sizes available
  • Included is a sturdy standing bag


  • This is not the right design for tall adults.

New Mens Left Handed Complete Golf Set

Golf sets that are suitable for Lefties can be challenging to find. Some lefties are forced to learn to swing with one hand. Pro Performance Golf Men’s Left-Handed Golf Set for Lefties is the best choice. This is the right-handed set for men 6’6 to 6’6″.

This set includes all the golf clubs plus 1 inch of standard size. A driver of 460cc, a fairway wood, and a hybrid all-graphite club are formed. You will be able to hit straighter shots and minimize mishits by using the clubs. It offers excellent control and distance. This set is also superior to others we have reviewed. The True Temper Regular Steel Shafts have been added to give users more accuracy and a better overall touch.

This set has it all. This set can be used to meet the needs of tall beginners. Some users find the golf clubs a little too small for their needs. The quality of the clubs is comparable to a beginner set. It is also reasonably priced, which is a plus for casual players.


  • This is a left-handed course designed for golfers.
  • All clubs are +1 inches larger than the standard size, making them ideal for anyone 6’6″.
  • Set for beginners
  • Great control


  • Some golfers feel that some clubs are shorter.

18 Piece Men’s Complete Golf Club Package Set

This 18-piece Men’s Complete Golf Club Set Package is an excellent choice for those who are looking to hit long-distance shots, even if it’s been a while. This set includes a full titanium driver with a wide sweet spot. This driver is extremely forgiving, allowing you to have less frustration when playing golf. This set is great for beginners as it will enable you to get straighter shots.

The #3 and #5 Fairway Woods are among the most accommodating clubs in the set. You also have the #4 hybrid, which can be used as a substitute for long irons. It’s easier to hit and significantly increases confidence for novice players.

This golf club set is easy to use. The set comes with comfortable, large-sized dual compound grips. You also get genuine temper steel shafts, which give you more control over how you make your shots.

We can’t recommend this 18-Piece Complete Golf Club Set for men as one of the best. Some customers complained that the club had dents. Some golf clubs were rendered useless because the pattern was at the sweet spot, to make matters worse. This is a sign that these clubs aren’t professional-grade and can last you for a long time.


  • There are many golf sets available
  • For beginners
  • Set of golf clubs at an affordable price
  • Extremely forgiving


  • After a few uses, reports of dents.

Palm Springs Golf VISA Mens +1″ TALL GRAPHITE & STEEL Club Set

Best Golf Clubs Tall Men

The Palm Springs Golf VISA Men’s +1′ Tall Graphite & Steel Club Set is a good set of golf clubs for tall right-handed people. The extra 1-inch length makes it more comfortable for 6’1” or above golfers to maintain their posture while they swing. It is a better choice than the other 1 clubs.

The 460cc driver has a large sweet spot, which allows golfers to reduce their mishits and gives them the ability to hit straighter shots. The shaft is 100% pure graphite, which makes it suitable for all ages. The fairway wood is also available in 15-degree #3. Although it is smaller than the driver, it still provides a wide sweet spot and plenty of forgiveness. It is also a great choice for hitting the grass because of its low profile.

You also get 2 hybrids. The set includes the #3 18-degree club and the #4 21 degree clubs. These were the clubs that took the place of the long irons.

It is a great deal for beginners. It is of a high-quality standard, but the price is not unreasonable. This is a great deal for beginners as well as for average golfers.


  • Extremely forgiving
  • Included are a number of golf clubs
  • The driver’s 460cc engine has a large sweet spot


  • Some parts are more susceptible to wear and tear.

How do you buy good golf clubs for tall men?

Fitness is a major problem for golfers today. Titleist Performance Institute estimates that only 5% of golfers can fit into the current standard clubs. This could be why many people don’t realize they can’t reach their full potential.

You must hit the ball in the middle of the clubface before anything else. This type of precision is possible only if you maintain a straight posture and don’t change your position according to the club. Your club and you should work together.

Are you looking for golf clubs for tall men?

A standard golf club will work well for you if you’re 6 feet tall. Golfers six feet and more are a different story. You’ll develop poor swing habits and miss many shots if you use standard golf clubs for 6’2” and over.

Tall golfers are known for having a longer swing arc. They are known for swinging steeper than their shorter counterparts. What does this mean? This means that the swing arc is more perpendicular than the ground. It is often easier to swing shallowly than a deep swing. A shallower swing has a lower chance of cutting. It can also produce less spin. It also has a more downward trajectory, which is ideal for windy conditions.

Measure the wrist from the ground

When buying extra tall golf clubs, novice tall golfers often mistake thinking that the length of the club depends on their height. To ensure the perfect fit, measure your wrist from the ground to find the best golf clubs for tall people. This is because some people are born with longer arms, while others have shorter hands.

The standard shaft length will be the same for any measurement between 34 and 37 inches. A shaft with a length of +25 inches is required for 37-38.5 inches.

Tall players can hit longer shots if they have the right length. However, tall golfers tend to have less control than shorter players.

Set vs. Individual Golf Club

Do you want the whole set to be customized to your height? Maybe you need to modify a few golf clubs. For tall players, custom-fitted groups of golf could run up to $2,000. There are also cheaper options available at $500 or lower. If you’re looking to play frequently, the choices might not be enough.

It would help if you decided on the makeup of your set before you buy it. Is it well-balanced with irons and woods? Maybe most of the clubs should be hybrids. To make it more enjoyable on the course, use hybrid golf clubs rather than long irons.

A sand wedge is another essential item you should have in your bag. A sand wedge is a necessary item in your bag, as you may need it at some point.

Do you prefer a standard-length club? This is still an option for some. You can choose to stick with the standard set or add length to any clubs you prefer. This is the cheapest option you have.


Putting is an art. This is the art of hitting the ball softly with the club, usually when it’s already close to the hole. Your putting ability will account for between 35% and 40% of your score. It is difficult to feel the right feel if the club you use feels too small for your height. You will be able to hit the ball more consistently and with more remarkable finesse if you are at the right height.

Length of shaft

Club-fitters adjust the shaft length to suit the anatomy of the individual using the club. It’s not as easy as you might think. Club fitters can’t make extra-long golf clubs for tall people.

The shaft length of long golf clubs should be adjusted according to height and according to the user’s stance. Sometimes, the user’s view may not be optimal for his frame, making shots less accurate.

Lie Angle

The proper lie angle is important for tall man golf clubs. What is a lie angle for beginners? This is the angle between the clubface’s leading edge (or the shaft) and the ground. Long shaft golf clubs are more suitable for tall people, as they have a higher stance which distorts your lie angle.

This means that the lie angle must be adjusted. Tall golfers will struggle to hit the ball accurately if the lie angle is not adjusted correctly.


Many people will have different opinions about their budget. Some people don’t enjoy spending large amounts of money on hobbies, while others will spend thousands on improving their game. If you need a set made specifically for you, you will spend a lot. You can buy individual clubs that are designed for tall people.


There is no set rule regarding the length of clubs you should use. This is something many people forget. You will see that some pros are only 5’6” tall. Some taller golfers prefer their clubs to be shorter. It all comes down to your comfort.

This means that longer clubs don’t necessarily mean taller players. It all depends on your swing and personal preference.


A taller person may need a tall set of golf clubs. Some tall golfers prefer to purchase a standard-sized set but have several clubs customized to their specifications. Compare the options we have listed to find which one is best for you and your budget.

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