Getting Rid Of Negative Energy: Pray, Forgive, Love And Emote

Can Smudging Make Things Worse?

Are there negative effects to smudging? Probably not, but it’s still smoke and you should be careful around it. Sacred smoke can also be harmful because it carries dangerous chemicals and particles that can negatively impact our health, especially when we are regularly exposed to it.

While sage smoke is most often beneficial, it can easily cause an environment’s air to be unhealthy. If you follow the instructions above, and only sage periodically, you shouldn’t be concerned.

Negative Entities And Other House Pets

Negative entities are not always harmful to us. Some energies might not even know that we’re in the room. They might be completely clueless and contained within another dimension.

We might also consider getting used to some of these spirits, especially if they do not harm our lives, hearts, souls, or minds.

Negative energies can become long-term guests and house pets, but only if you do nothing to encourage their abdication. They can become accustomed to our energies and environments, just like we fall in love with our favorite restaurants. They might even become addicted to us.

Even with all that, we still might not be in danger. Just because a disembodied spirit is penetrating our walls and furniture doesn’t mean that he or she is harmful. It might merely be a fascination.

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