Free & Gorgeous DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping In 5 Minutes


Conifer wreaths are such timeless decorations for the holiday season.

You can make a mini wreath from conifer cuttings. This one is made from a small sprig of cypress, using the same gluing process as the boxwood wreath above.

I have found that among the conifers, fir (like Balsam Fir tree) cuttings don’t last as long as the juniper, cedar and cypress cuttings. Something to keep in mind if you plan to make these ahead.

The paper ribbon is glued at the center point. We used this 48 lb thickness hemp twine here to create an interesting design on the mini conifer wreath gift wrap.

wrap burlap around tin can container with snowy tree winter & Christmas DIY table decoration

Happy creating! If you tried any of these ideas, upload a picture under our pins on pinterest. We would love to see it!

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