Free & Gorgeous DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping In 5 Minutes


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  • Natural elements: cuttings from evergreen trees and shrubs such as boxwood, rosemary, eucalyptus, cedar, juniper, etc. Colorful berries like Holly, Firethorn, pepper tree, etc. Seed pods and pine cones are also great materials to create with.

IMPORTANT: avoid plant materials that may cause allergies or are poisonous, such as Oleander, poison oak, etc. If unsure, take a picture of a plant and ask your local nursery experts. The popular ones mentioned above are all safe.

Helpful tip: Most of the fresh cuttings will look nice for 3 to 7 days without water. But you can collect them and put them in a vase with water, which will make them last longer, until you are ready to use them.

Once you have wrapped some gifts with brown paper and gathered some materials from nature, let’s look at how to create some wonderful festive designs with them!

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