Ford Converted A Classic Truck Into An Electric One, And It’s Gorgeous

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After creating a lot of hype with the Mach-E and F-150 Lightning, Ford has now unveiled the F-100 Eluminator as its latest electric creation.

Ford just took the automotive world by storm with its new F-100 Eluminator concept truck — showcasing the power of modern electric vehicles in a classic body. The world of electric cars has been moving at an incredible pace in recent years. Whether it be vehicles from Tesla, Rivian, Chevy, Subaru, or others, more electric cars are now on the market and in production than ever before. It’ll still be a few years before electric takes over as the new standard over gas, but we’re rapidly inching closer and closer to that future.

One of the many automotive brands helping make this electric future a reality is Ford. The company’s flagship offering right now is the 2022 Mustang Mach-E. It’s a performance-focused car with fast 0-60 speeds, decent range, and a fairly reasonable $42,895 starting price. Even more exciting for some folks is the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning. It’s Ford’s first all-electric F-series truck and has virtually everything you could ask for. There’s up to 300 miles of range, up to 10,000 lbs of towing, and even a built-in generator to power your home during a power outage — all packed into a body that looks like any other F-150 on the road today.

Ford’s now continuing its focus on electric vehicles with its most stunning creation yet. On November 2, the company revealed its F-100 Eluminator concept truck. From the outside, it’s a body based on Ford’s 1978 F-100 pickup. At the heart of the vehicle, however, is the same electric motor found inside the Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition. Commenting on the truck, Ford’s Eric Cin said, “Our F-100 Eluminator concept is a preview of how we’re supporting customers as they go all-electric and embrace zero-tailpipe emissions performance, even for our heritage vehicles.” The Eluminator was “designed and created” by Ford Performance, along with help from MLe Racecars and Roadster Shop.

A Closer Look At Ford’s F-100 Eluminator Concept

In addition to a quiet and smooth ride, the F-100 Eluminator’s engine also gives it incredible power. The truck is capable of 480 horsepower, has 634 lb-ft of torque, and offers all-wheel drive for seamless driving on almost any surface. The truck’s also received a modern overhaul on the inside. There’s one display behind the steering wheel to show information like range, speed, battery, etc. To the right of the wheel is a large touchscreen display (the same one in the Mach-E) to find charging stations, stream music, and so on. Further complementing the interior is a billet aluminum dash and avocado-tanned leather upholstery (from JRR Fabrication and MDM Upholstery, respectively).

Unfortunately, this isn’t a truck Ford’s going to be selling any time soon. That’s because the F-100 Eluminator concept truck is exactly that — a concept. Rather than adding this as a new entry in its electric lineup, Ford created the Eluminator to promote its M-9000-MACH-E electric crate motor. The $3,900 motor is targeted at folks looking to electrify modern and vintage project cars alike, with the company eventually planning to offer things like batteries, controllers, and more. That part of the story is disappointing, but as Ford keeps catering to the enthusiast market like this, we’re bound to see more and more of these projects over the coming years.

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