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Squid Game Apk

Did you know that the very popular children’s game-themed Netflix series today also has its own platform? the application is called Squid Game Apk

Because the series contains children’s games, many developers are interested in making the game into an application.

Which later can anyone play it, both children and adults can freely download this application.

This application is specially designed for you lovers of the Netflix series entitled Squid Game or the squid game.

Called popular because this series has an audience that is not only in Indonesia, but has reached foreign countries though.

Not only that, this series is also ranked number 1 on the Netflix series watched worldwide and is able to compete with other films and web series.

Although this series has the theme of ancient children’s games, the participants who play it are required to survive for the promised amount of money.

How are you interested in downloading this application? If so, please see a little information about the platform below.

However, because the promised money is not small, if you lose in playing the given game, they do not hesitate to shoot dead the participants.

Squid Game Apk Review

Squid Game Apk is an application that resembles the real Netflix series that you can download using your smartphone at home.

With this game, you can feel the sensation of a game that is exactly in the Netflix Squid Game series.

This application is a development of the Roblox game which is very interesting for its excitement and its appearance is very similar to the original.

Not only the appearance is similar but also, the types of games, characters, clothes used to the sound of scary dolls are the same as in the series.

So don’t be surprised if the viewers of the series are interested in being able to download this viral application.

Like applications in general, of course, the ones we recommend to you also have advantages and disadvantages.

This deficiency is none other than because you can’t search or find this application in the Google Play Store service or the App Store.

But you don’t need to worry because this application also has advantages in the form of excellent features that you can’t find in the original version.

Download Squid Game Apk Mod Roblox

Actually, you can download this application on the official market, but what we provide this time is no less profitable than the original version.

And to be able to download it, you need a special link that is safe when used on your smartphone.

Before that, please refer to the description in the column below about this application for you to understand whether it is compatible with the smartphone you have.

App Name Squid Game Apk
App Size 77MB
Category 1.0.0
Version Android 5.0+

If you have read and understood the information about the application, then please click “HERE” to be able to download it.

How to Install Squid Game Apk on Smartphone

If you have downloaded the application, the next step is to install it so that it can be used.

Because this application does not exist on the official marketplace, therefore you need a few additional steps to be able to use it.

Here we provide steps on how to install the Squid Game apk application in the description below.

  • Before that, make sure first if you have “Downloaded” the application above on a smartphone.
  • Then open the “Settings or Settings” menu
  • After that look for the “Privacy and Security” menu then click activate “Unknown sources”
  • If so, please open the “File Manager” application on your smartphone.
  • Then look for the application that you “Downloaded” previously via the link above.
  • And click “Install”, wait until the installation process is complete.
  • Finished

You can follow the steps above if the application that has been downloaded cannot be used or used.

Because the platform is a modification from a third party, you need to know how to install this Squid Game application.

If you have followed all the steps correctly then you will be able to use the application on a smartphone.

Squid Game Apk Featured Features

We have explained above before that this application does have its own excellent features.

So if you want to download it, you will not feel disadvantaged even though it is not the type of application that is not the original version.

1. Same Game

As we already explained that this application was developed from the Roblox game because inside it looks similar to the series.

And one of the same games, for example, is a red light and a green light, now where there will be a big doll that will count down when the game starts.

When the doll counts down, participants are allowed to walk or the run up to the line in front of them.

If the doll stops counting and turns its head backward, you will be told to stay still and not move at all.

If you are proven to be moving and detected by the doll, the guards will not hesitate to shoot the player dead.

2. There are Amazing Graphics

In this application, they present 3D animations that are so amazing because everything from the characters, clothes, to the big robot dolls in the series are the same.

Therefore, its users will also feel the same sensation as in the Netflix Squid Game series.

So there’s nothing wrong if you lovers of this series want to feel the same game as the series just by downloading the application.

3. Lots of Prizes

As in the series that promises a prize in the form of cash, the developers also don’t forget to present this feature.

With this feature, you will be more excited to be able to win the various games that are displayed, right?

So what are you waiting for, let’s immediately download the Squid Game Apk application on the smartphone you have.

4. There is an Easy Control Menu

If you are still a beginner in playing this application, there is no need to worry because you can control this game very easily.

This application provides a control menu that is very easy to use even for beginners, so you can still win these games.

5. Power Up and Customize

So, to be able to win the game, of course, you need to improve the abilities of the chosen character, right?

For this reason, this feature will be very useful for you if you want to win all the games in the application.

In addition, you can easily choose various characters according to your own wishes so that the game will be much more fun.


That’s the discussion on this occasion, which we can give you about an application called Squid Game Apk.

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