Don’t Let These 25 Workout Fears Keep You From Your Best Body Ever.

Our commute times are getting longer, we’re sleeping fewer hours, and we’re logging more time behind our desks than ever before, with the average American clocking a 47-hour workweek. So, it should come as no surprise that few adults—just 20 percent of the population—manage to make it to the gym the recommended five days a week.

However, it’s not just our persistent time crunch that’s keeping us from getting fit: of the biggest obstacles standing between us and a healthier body is the intimidation that often comes along with starting a new exercise routine. From concerns about getting injured to being afraid to look silly in front of a group of strangers, countless individuals are risking their health— and potentially their lives—because they’re too nervous to lace up their sneakers and get started. The bad news? Nobody’s going to push you to get fit if you can’t push yourself. The good news? There are plenty of ways to make exercise a less scary situation. Discover these 25 exercise fears you can put to rest and start entering the gym with confidence.

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