5 Common Reading Habits That Should Be Avoided When Reading, According to Experts

4. Re-reading old favorites instead of new books

Speaking of too many books with too little time… Put down Harry Potter. Put down The Hunger Games, or The Perks of Being a Wallflower, or whichever safety net book that you will always gravitate towards no matter what. We both know you’ve read them more times than you can count. And we both know that there are plenty of books on your TBR list that you should probably be getting through before the next batch of new releases comes out. That book will be there waiting for you once you get through the rest of your book pile.

5. Abandoning books

Sometimes it’s just too easy. Sometimes we’re just not feeling it. Sometimes the book hangover we have is so intense that any book after is just meh. But I urge you. The author probably urges you. The characters would urge you. Give it your best shot before abandoning ship. That’s not to say that you should just read every single book start to finish. You probably do have a very good reason to stop reading a book if it’s what you wish. But if you find yourself being a serial book-ditcher, try regrouping and making sure you give every book a fair shot. They deserve that much, don’t they?

Well, I hope that was somewhat helpful for some of you. If not, well, as long as you’re reading then it’s okay, right? After all, there’s no wrong way to read!

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