24 Times Long Exposure Photography Resulted in Something Magical

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Unlike your conventional photo that’s taken when a cameras shutter opens and then closes again, long exposure photography relies on the shutter being open that little bit longer – resulting in the magic you see below.

That magic lies in the movement, often light in this case, that’s captured when the shutter is open for so long – capturing a passing moment in time that’s forever frozen in photographic form. Below is a roundup of long exposure in action, capturing anything from fireflies in a jaw to the moment a firework takes off. They’re all moments that otherwise go unnoticed in our busy day-to-day lives and that’s what makes them so amazing.

1. Firework

2. Fireflies in Japan

3. Carousel At Night

4. Escalator Long Exposure

5. Air Traffic in San Francisco

6. A Tram Leaving Budapest With 30,000 LED’s Attached

7. Robotic Hoover Long Exposure

8. LED Snowboarder

9. Subway Tunnel

10. Long Exposure Zoom Keyboard

11. Long Exposure Of A Pumpkin With A Foggy Lens

12. Fireflies In A Jar

13. Tilt-A-Whirl Long Exposure

14. A Train Travelling Through The Canadian Rockies

15. Traffic Light Long Exposure

16. Merry Go Round Long Exposure

17. Bugs Under A Streetlamp

18. Milky Way Long Exposure

19. Firework Long Explosion

20. Departing Tram In Budapest

21. Photographing A Christmas Tree Whilst Zooming Out

22. Helicopter Landing

23. Kayaker’s Use LED’s For Long Exposure Shot

24. A Plane Taking Off

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