20+Things You Should Do If You Want to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Seek out softness

wellsoft throw blanket on the white sofa

“Velvet or velour has both a luxurious feel and look,” says Croughan. “In fact, most soft-to-touch fabrics work best.” Go bold with a deep jewel tone or pair a neutral color scheme with pastel “ice cream shades” like mint green or blush, she says.

Shed some light

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom January 2018: Modern office with variable lighting including desk, chairs and computer.

Quit making lighting a second thought, says McKenzie. “Very often in luxury homes and apartments, you’ll find that the lighting is subtly done but brings your attention to certain areas,” she says. Installing warm LED strip lighting on top of a bookshelf or under a mirror adds interest and dimension.

Hunt around for new options

White sofa and blue armchair in living room with posters on the wall

When you find a bed or couch you love, you might be tempted to buy the whole set to guarantee a good match, but that can look cheap, says Bowry. “All homes are much more interesting if things coordinate but are not all matchy-matchy,” she says.

Go big

White room with mirror with wooden frame and decorative cactus

Hiking up the size of your décor creates a big impression, even if the pieces aren’t too pricy, says Gail Dunnett, CEO of design firm Studio D. “We love to use large-scale art and décor, like a massive canvas that takes up an entire wall or a well-oversized thick-framed mirror that leans against the wall instead of hanging, to create a space that’s impactful, memorable and grand,” she says.

Create a gallery wall

Photo frame on wall (3d rendering)

A well composed gallery wall will exude elegance, thoughtfulness and will stand out to visitors,” says interior designer Jillian O’Neill. A gallery wall can pack a big punch and highlight the effort you put into your décor, but they can look like a mish-mosh if they aren’t designed well. To create a cohesive look with minimal effort, choose frames that work together. Picking two or three colors like black and gold or silver and white will help the display look coordinated, even if the pictures inside don’t match as much, says O’Neill.

Don’t go overboard on color

Spacious living room with double sofa, crystal chair, blackboard and stylish details

Sprinkling just one or two accent colors throughout the home will add a pop that looks cohesive without going over the top. “Adding too much color will immediately make it feel shabby chic or Boho, which is nice but a very different vibe than luxe,” says Henry.

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