13 Upper-Body Exercises That Trainers LOVE For Strength and Muscle Building

Plank With Triceps Kickback

  • Start in a plank position holding a weight in each hand. Bend your left elbow and pull it up so it’s in line with your shoulder.
  • Pull your navel toward your spine to engage your abs, which will help you stay balanced.
  • Exhale as you do a triceps kickback by extending your left hand behind you. Inhale to bend your elbow. This counts as one rep. Perform exercise on both sides of the body.

Push-Up With Shoulder Tap

  • Come into plank position with your arms and legs straight, shoulders above the wrists.
  • Take a breath in, and as you exhale, bend your elbows out to the sides and lower your chest toward the ground. Stop as soon as your shoulders are in line with your elbows. Inhale to straighten the arms.
  • Maintaining a plank position, lift your left hand and tap your right shoulder. Place your left hand back on the ground. Repeat with the right hand. Keep your hip bones pointing towards the floor to prevent rotating your torso. This counts as one rep.
  • If this is too difficult, perform the push-up with your knees on the floor.
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