13 First-Time Homebuyers Share Their Biggest Regrets

Check HOA violations

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Kelly Williams Black’s agent never asked about recorded HOA violations when her and her husband bought their first home in 2004. After the sale, the HOA charged the couple with water flow issues due to backyard leveling modifications made by the previous owners. With the help of a landscape architect who pulled county records, the new homeowners were able to disprove the charge. While the couple was off the hook to fix the $7,000 problem, she says, “Had our realtor checked, we would never have bought the house and gone through years of aggravation with the HOA.”

Fix up your house for your enjoyment

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Finally, enjoy your house and invest in the updates and upgrades that will truly make it feel like home. Jme Thomas says that she and her husband regret, “not doing the small renovations and updates we could enjoy, rather than doing them to get it ready for sale.”

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