10 Smart Ways Placing Your Bed for Good Feng Shui

Follow Your Lucky Directions

Close-up of blanket on bed at home

If possible, place the bed according to your best, or lucky feng shui directions. Notice this list did not start with the feng shui lucky directions first. Not even second. Do not place your bed in a corner or at a strange angle just so that you can sleep facing your best feng shui directions. And do not sleep in the living room just so that you can face your best directions. This might sound funny, but some people do that.

Play and Experiment

A tranquil bedroom

When finding the best placement for your bed, you should always listen to the room, so to speak, and experiment with the best bed placement. If you can have both best feng shui bed placement and your best directions requirements met, then great! If you can’t, please do not worry and think that your life is going to be a mess from now on.

Approach feng shui logically and practically, and, most importantly, in an empowered way. If your bed cannot face your best feng shui directions, you can sure focus on facing your lucky directions when you work, watch TV, or eat dinner.

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