10 Smart Ways Placing Your Bed for Good Feng Shui

Bed Away From the Door

Feng shui bedroom doors

Avoid a bed in line with the bedroom door, as well as any other doors – be they balcony doors, bathroom door, walk-in closet, or patio doors. If your bed is in line with any door, be sure to tastefully position an appropriate piece of furniture between the bed and the door.

A Low EMF Bedroom

A modern interior design luxury bedroom

It is always smart to position your bed away from the walls that have electric appliances on either side (computer, fridge, or TV). And, of course, it is best feng shui to limit (or eliminate) the electrical appliances in your bedroom.

No tv in the bedroom? No iPad, no cell phones? Yes, this is exactly what it means. It is possible (and very healthy) to limit your exposure to electrical appliances in the bedroom. For example, if you switch your electrical alarm clock for a battery operated one, you will considerably lower the harmful EMFs in your bedroom. Your body will thank you, and your intimate relationship will deepen.

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