10 Smart Ways Placing Your Bed for Good Feng Shui

Bed Positioning

A granary building

A strong supporting wall behind your bed is very important for a good feng shui bed placement. This creates strong, protective energy around your bed, gives it more power and ability to create (and hold) good energy. Do your best to position your bed in such a way that there is a solid wall behind it. For added strength, you can also choose to paint the wall in an accent color appropriate for your bedroom decor.

A Balanced Feng Shui Bed

A beautiful bed with end tables

Having grounding and balanced energy on both sides of the bed is very important for a good feng shui bed placement. This means you have to have two nightstands (not one), but it doesn’t mean they have to match! Be as creative as you feel like and let your imagination soar, but be sure that your bed has access from both sides and is treated well with two similar pieces of furniture on both sides of the bed.

Smooth Energy Around the Bed

A well appointed bed and end table

Be sure no sharp angles are pointing at you while you sleep. This energy is called Sha Chi/attacking energy in feng shui and can come from various wall angles or sharp corners of the nearby furniture. Scrutinize your bedroom space to avoid any attacking energy directed at you while you sleep.

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